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Facebook Matching: Actors

Select a person to calculate your match with

Who do you want to know your match with? And which friend or girlfriend is the best match with your selection? Click on a photo below and find out your match!
Daniel Radcliffe
Javier Bardem
Jesse Eisenberg
Colin Firth
Natalie Portman
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Ben Stiller
Colin Farrell
Richard Gere
Jamie Foxx
Eddy Murphy
Adam Sandler
Jim Carrey
Michael Douglas
Jack Nickolson
Robert de Niro
Russell Crowe
Al Pacino
Vicky Michelle
Gordon Kaye
John Cleese
Liv Tyler
Keira Knightley
Katherine Heigl
Kate Hudson
Jessica Biel
Jennifer Aniston
Heather Graham
Halle Berry
Elizabeth Hurley
Drew Barrymore
Christina Applegate
Catherine Bell
Charlize Theron
Catherine Zeta Jones
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