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Daily horoscope Sunday November 23, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
You know that you can satisfy your deepest needs together with other people. The people around you will show you today that they appreciate what you're doing. Don't confide in others today, they might abuse the information you're giving them.
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20 April ~ 20 May
If you'd like to be successful you'll have to analyse yourself continually. Stay on the road you're on. Don't be tempted into anything by your restlessness, think about your health.
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21 May ~ 21 June
Don't let people who don't mean well bother you too much. Be on your guard today! You should better put important decisions off to another date: people are trying to make things look better than they are. Only invest time and money in things that are worth it.
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22 June ~ 22 July
If you set about things in a relaxed way, you're likely to make less mistakes. It's important to be a bit reserved and save your energies so you can make compromises more easily. You're being judged on your skills, not on your resolve at the moment.
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23 July ~ 22 August
Some people are trying to undermine your happiness. You are inclined to take more responsibility now than you're used to. Stay calm, whatever happens and don't listen to people who are making a fuss about nothing.
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23 August ~ 22 September
You should try to take stock of your life, it's about time you did. Enjoy life without regretting the chances you missed in the past. If you want to reach your goals, you should do it the traditional way.
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23 September ~ 22 October
You may benefit from your stability more, by thinking about the meaning of life. Your motto should be: let's work! Maybe you should save some time to come to new insights. Today you'll be offered the opportunity to show your executive and organisational capacities.
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23 October ~ 21 November
Take your time, the signals from your environment will become clearer if you're patient. If you wait long enough, you'll become stronger and more patient without much effort. When your private life is concerned, you'd better be honest than be telling little white lies.
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22 November ~ 21 December
Don't get distracted, have faith in yourself and don't listen to other people's opinions. Let other people take their own responsibilities and solve their own problems. Try to find out if your environment accepts your intentions before you take action.
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22 December ~ 19 January
Get yourself some goals in life. Now you have the opportunity to deepen an important relationship and make plans together with your partner. If you have to make a decision, you have to let your feelings guide you and take the easy way.
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20 January ~ 19 February
These days, you'll have the opportunity to start your life anew by making friends, signing contracts, or travelling. These days your emotional life is at its peak and you're very happy and successful. You've got a clear view of your goals.
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20 February ~ 20 March
If you go step by step you'll be successful and know how to influence others. Every cloud has a silver lining, that's why it is important to be prepared for it. Do everything yourself today.
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