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Daily horoscope Aquarius Friday February 27, 2015

20 January ~ 19 February
You should think about the task at hand and get started immediately. You're only this far away from success! You'll benefit from your efforts in the near future. If you have to make a decision, you have to let your feelings guide you and take the easy way.
Aches and pains can be avoided by indulging yourself in a hobby or sports, especially with people who are of the same opinion. Your good intentions might fail, because you feel less disciplined to carry them out. If you'd like to relax more deeply, maybe you should think about taking yoga or meditation lessons.
Show the person you love that you really appreciate him or her. You are excited about a certain acquaintance. If you're going on a journey, a lot of happiness will come your way.
By good self-reflection you could avoid arguments and save precious energy. At the moment, you're active in many fields, you'd like to show your opinion and go your own way. An emotional decision may cost you a lot of money today.
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