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Daily horoscope Aquarius Saturday March 25, 2017

20 January ~ 19 February
You should keep in mind that every step away from evil is a step closer to good. You're regaining your inner stability. Think of your friends and save your energies if you want to be successful.
If you have a problem, talk to somebody you can trust, don't drink it away. Don't do too much today, your health is not what it used to be. Avoid anything that may get you down, take a lot of exercise, take a rest and have a good night's sleep.
Destiny has sealed your fate. Don't pay too much notice to the opinion of a grumpy old know-it-all. Try not to be too resentful and do your best to reconcile with your friends.
Keep an eye on the progress you're making, it might stop overnight. Try to confide in someone, it'll make you feel relieved. You'll get a lot of new impressions and you'll make good friends with certain people.
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