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Daily horoscope Aquarius Friday May 22, 2015

20 January ~ 19 February
Meditate on the phrase 'THE ART OF LIVING' and try to find out what it means to you, then you can effectively develop yourself. It could be you'd really like to change something in your life, but you don't know what exactly. Time is doing your work for you, just sit back and relax.
Even though you'd like to work harder, you should respect yourself, otherwise you might fall ill. Why don't you read a good book to relax or try to think about absolutely nothing. Try to stop small aches and pains from becoming chronic diseases.
Try to look on the other side of things, be more flexible, then this day will be a success. Try to stay honest to you friends. Let bygones be bygones.
You're so energetic that you can do anything today. Just take your time to plan your appointments well in ahead. Let people at work know what you think could be an improvement to work, even if it only concerns small things.
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