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Daily horoscope Aquarius Saturday December 16, 2017

20 January ~ 19 February
Don't be too modest! Don't waste your time and energy with doubtful things. Don't let other people change your ideas. Now is the time to go for the biggest fish in your pond.
Don't hide yourself from the problems that are coming your way, just deal with them, you'll feel better. Don't do more than absolutely necessary. Try to relax more, maybe you should go out dancing or play a game of sports.
You're worrying too much, it's leading you nowhere. Let bygones be bygones. Why don't you pay your family a visit, they'll appreciate it.
You're very careful in picking your actions at the moment, and you're successful at that. You'll meet pleasant and influential people whom you can trust during an informal meeting today. Use that strength you're feeling, then all your efforts will pay off.
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