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Daily horoscope Aquarius Friday October 24, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
If you let other people share in your (material) riches, you'll be a happier person. You've just had a very successful period, so now it's time to prepare for some setbacks and think ahead, step by step. Get yourself some goals in life.
You can be the driving force that inspires others. You should be a bit careful now. Mind your health! The fact that you're so contented with your life at the moment, makes that you feel more energetic than usual.
Take all the time you need. You'll see that showing a little appreciation for each others good for a relationship. Try to speak to somebody else about your experiences.
Although you may not notice it at first, you'll profit from your positive attitude to work in the long run. If people are trying to provoke you to do something you don't like, just say no. Maybe you should be a bit more careful, because you can be a dreamer, don't overestimate your success.
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