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Daily horoscope Aquarius Wednesday April 23, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
When things are going well, you shouldn't sit back and relax, then your old problems will rear their ugly head again. Your organisational capacities will come in handy if you undertake something together with other people. Grab your chances, for as long as they're coming your way.
Try to stay focussed on everything that you have been doing recently without being spasmodically. You should try to take a rest more often, for instance after you've been walking in the park. The feeling that you're in a rush all the time can best be taken away by doing yoga, or by meditation.
It's easier to make friends when you show your softer side, even though you may not see the use for it right now. Try to enjoy the attention you'll get today. You feel that there's something in the air.
Financially, you're moving upwards. The best time for relaxation is between twelve in the afternoon and twelve in the evening. You'll have a good chance of winning the lottery between eight and ten in the evening.
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