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Daily horoscope Aquarius Sunday April 20, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
You're part of a slow and organic movement. Do everything yourself today. You should go for a compromise.
Try to free yourself from energy consuming annoyances and let off steam, rather than feel responsible for everything. Maybe you should take some additional vitamin pills, especially B or C, and eat more vegetables then you'll feel better. If you suffer from some aches or pains, maybe you should consider nature cures.
Problems are easier to solve if you distance yourself a bit from them. This is the time to put your good intentions to practice. Try to stop and think for a moment about what you really want from life.
The best time for relaxation is between twelve in the afternoon and twelve in the evening. Take it easy! Take it easy, so you'll avoid getting disappointed. The afternoon and evening are the best time to realise your plans, the morning isn't at all.
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