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Daily horoscope Aquarius Monday May 4, 2015

20 January ~ 19 February
You're no coward if you let time do your work for you. If at all possible, go outdoors for a change. Don't let other people change your ideas.
You're feeling full of energy and endurance. Try to accept your weaknesses and take an hour off more often so you'll be able to revitalise your senses. If you're thinking about your future today you worry more than usual.
Try to show a bit more feeling when dealing with others. Getting to know people a bit better will help you pick your actions more carefully in the future. Someone is waiting for you to comfort him or her, even though you think that person doesn't deserve it.
By good self-reflection you could avoid arguments and save precious energy. You feel very self-confident and you're satisfied with yourself and your life. You'll be pleasantly surprised about the way things are going financially.
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