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Daily horoscope Aquarius Saturday November 1, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
You're regaining your inner stability. Someone could be reaping what you sowed. If you're annoyed and you've got the feeling you have to talk to somebody, do so, don't feel down in the dumps.
Try to free yourself from energy consuming annoyances and let off steam, rather than feel responsible for everything. Health is not something you should be concerned about today. If you'd like to relax more deeply, maybe you should think about taking yoga or meditation lessons.
The times that you felt so bad about yourself are over now. Your feelings will be answered by the people around you today. You should be more self-confident and tell your boy/girlfriend more about yourself.
You can be very forceful in putting your ideas across. Don't do anything in a rush, it won't get you anywhere. You'll notice shortly that courage and self-esteem will positively influence your everyday activities.
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