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Daily horoscope Aquarius Tuesday September 23, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
You're doing fine at work. You're part of a slow and organic movement. Now you have the opportunity to deepen an important relationship and make plans together with your partner.
You're so energetic physically that you don't have a problem with working hard and making long hours. Your perfectionism will be damaging to your health in the long run. Be more careful with your energy reserves and stop overestimating your capacities.
Why don't you show a smile or two and give some of your time to someone who's interested in you? A certain conversation will inspire you and it can really change the way you see your future. Even while arguing, you're well able to defend your own cause. You're young at heart and you feel like the world is at your feet.
This afternoon you'll meet someone privately who'll make a great impression on you. In money matters you'll need all the courage and convincing power you can find. You think positively and you're feeling very confident.
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