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Daily horoscope Aquarius Sunday August 2, 2015

20 January ~ 19 February
You really don't have to plan your life away. Whatever you're planning to do, do it without any doubt. Stay clear of negative influences and be thorough if necessary.
Take care of your health and be patient with yourself: that's the best medicine against listlessness. You're feeling a bit stressed out about something. Don't neglect your health! Try to take a rest during your afternoon break.
You are feeling very harmonious today. You'll bump into an old acquaintance again. You don't really know how to behave towards a certain person now better times have come.
Don't get carried away by your excitement, you'll overlook things and lose a lot of money. Be aware that risk and profit walk hand in hand. Now is the time to set about things in a systematic and straight-forward way.
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