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Daily horoscope Aquarius Friday July 25, 2014

20 January ~ 19 February
If you're annoyed and you've got the feeling you have to talk to somebody, do so, don't feel down in the dumps. It could be you'd really like to change something in your life, but you don't know what exactly. The past few weeks haven't been easy for you.
There's no reason to panic, but you should be a bit more on your guard these days. Sources that have been drained will be replenished, and signs of exhaustion will disappear. There are great opportunities to improve your condition in the morning.
Today's the day, to discuss those things that have been putting you down lately. An invitation, which you should really accept, may have a very promising acquaintance as a result. You haven't been paying a lot of attention to your love life lately.
Get everything down to paper, including your financial situation. You should think about what you'd like to do with your job and your money in the future. The best chances of success are in the afternoon hours and the hours of the early evening.
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