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Daily horoscope Aries Friday October 31, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
The past few weeks haven't been easy for you. Be spontaneous, but don't get carried away. You are inclined to take more responsibility now than you're used to.
Try to free yourself from energy consuming annoyances and let off steam, rather than feel responsible for everything. You really need to pay more attention to your health. You're trying to top your problems completely on your own.
It's your own fault that you've missed a few chances lately, and you know it. There's a certain person you've been neglecting a bit lately. You're going through a lot of positive changes in your life now, and it's your friends you should thank for that.
The best chances of success are in the afternoon hours and the hours of the early evening. You could satisfy yourself by putting your energy in people who are worth it. Between two and four in the afternoon you may confidently sign a contract and you will be rewarded.
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