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Daily horoscope Aries Monday November 24, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
Time is doing your work for you, just sit back and relax. It's important to win over people with your kindness. If you're annoyed and you've got the feeling you have to talk to somebody, do so, don't feel down in the dumps.
Stay away from stress situations. You're not always paying enough attention to your body and your health. The feeling that you're in a rush all the time can best be taken away by doing yoga, or by meditation.
There's somebody who really means well and you should pay a bit more attention to him or her. There's a special someone who means well and deserves your attention. Small disappointments won't bother you too much today.
Gather as much information about investments as you can get or talk to an expert. Use all your opportunities to win this afternoon. You speak your mind, not because you like to argue, just because you feel the need to be honest.
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