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Daily horoscope Aries Wednesday January 25, 2017

21 March ~ 19 April
It could be that a certain agreement never leaves ground and a long-lasting conflict is looming over you. Don't indulge yourself in fantasies too much. You're being judged on your skills, not on your resolve at the moment.
Worries are no good to your immune system, neither are bad eating habits. Try to eat some vegetable salads the coming days. You're feeling a bit stressed out about something.
Don't put too much effort in solving family affairs, they'll take care of themselves. Prepare yourself for a few hours of harmony. If someone offers you a present at the end of the day, you're not expected to give something in return immediately.
People are encouraging you to participate in important business matters. Some people might frown at the way you do things. The contacts you're making now, will be useful in the future.
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