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Daily horoscope Aries Thursday October 23, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
Don't rush anything, today! Did you know that you're viewing the world through rose-coloured spectacles? Enjoy your positive mood in peace and quiet, but beware not to overestimate yourself. As long as you don't give up too easily, there's nothing to lose. Stay determined! The time of contemplation is over, now it's time to put some ideas to practice! You might meet some interesting people today.
Don't do more than absolutely necessary. Anything you keep inside, will eventually come out one or the other way. You're very active and you defend your interests well, you can easily stand your ground among people.
Don't talk to anyone about the invitation you got. Think before you act! It's likely that things will just blow over, so don't worry too much. Life sometimes goes with leaps and bounds.
You're longing for inner peace and love to revitalise your senses. You're setting realistic goals for yourself and that's why you'll be able to meet them. In financial matters, you are inclined to choose unusual methods and solutions.
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