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Daily horoscope Aries Monday July 28, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
It could be you'd really like to change something in your life, but you don't know what exactly. Do everything yourself today. If your determination is balanced with your ability to admit your faults, you won't have to have regrets.
Drink as much spring water as you can today and eat a handful of nuts. Why don't you read a good book to relax or try to think about absolutely nothing. If it is at all possible, try to spend a week at a beach.
Some things that look good on the outside, aren't so on the inside. You may have a crush on someone, but don't mistake your feelings for true love. An invitation will result in a surprising and happy acquaintance.
The projects you started the past days can be furthered with great success today. You think positively and you're feeling very confident. Stand on your guard.
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