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Daily horoscope Aries Saturday October 25, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
It's wise to be reserved in your actions, even though you're very influential. You should think about the task at hand and get started immediately. If you feel in good spirits, know that it's got nothing to do with folly or joking around.
You're ever busy these days. Use any spare moment you have to relax. Nobody expects you to be completely in charge of the situation.
Try not to be too mistrusting and stand-offish. Just sit back and enjoy this day! The appointments you've made for the coming days you'll have to take very seriously. Just go your own way and don't let others influence you.
You should be more self-confident. You'll see that talking to other people about your ideas may result in some good advice. Since everything you do now will have consequences for your future, you should learn to come up with your own solutions.
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