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Daily horoscope Aries Friday May 22, 2015

21 March ~ 19 April
Everything is easy, but this moment is very short-lived. You should think about a person now who's the secret of your success: he or she should share in your success! Don't be too easy. Keep going strong! Your excellent physical as well as mental condition makes that you can solve even the most difficult tasks playfully.
The natural resistance of your body is deteriorating and aches and pains lay around the corner. You should be quick and effective in the actions you undertake today. You really need to pay more attention to your health.
Try to be open about your deepest wishes. Luckily enough, everything looks fine for you today. Happiness is around the corner.
You're stressed more easily at the moment and your powers of concentration are weak, you may overlook details. You should avoid speculation and making money fast at all costs. Don't worry if work isn't your main concern at the moment.
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