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Daily horoscope Aries Thursday April 24, 2014

21 March ~ 19 April
You shouldn't labour yourself through everything, you wouldn't reach your goal. Don't be too self-assured. The time of excitement, fear and restraint is over.
If you keep on being so reckless with your health, things could become dangerous. Don't neglect your health! Try to take a rest during your afternoon break. Think about what you would like to do, without paying too much attention to other people's opinions.
Try to speak to somebody else about your experiences. You should be glad with the way things are going today. The peace and self-confidence that you're feeling will help you to trigger positive emotions in other people.
You're in a positive mood today. You will be able to realise things you wouldn't even have dared to dream of before. By good self-reflection you could avoid arguments and save precious energy.
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