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Daily horoscope Cancer Thursday May 25, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
Only invest time and money in things that are worth it. Listen to the voice inside your head, it will tell you what to do in this situation. Maybe there will be a party one of these days, in which young people play an important role.
Don't let anybody get in your way! You should learn also to appreciate the small things in life. If you use your energies wisely, you'll be able to do as much work as you usually do. Because you worry too much you're not open to the wonderful things in life.
Someone is waiting for you to comfort him or her, even though you think that person doesn't deserve it. Up to now you've been feeling rather sad, but now you can let go of these feelings. Try to look ahead, that's the best thing you could do at the moment.
You could satisfy yourself by putting your energy in people who are worth it. You should think about what you'd like to do with your job and your money in the future. A lucky shot will cause some turmoil.
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