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Daily horoscope Cancer Thursday August 24, 2017

22 June ~ 22 July
Think about it: usually people look for your weak points before they take you on. Try not to ruin your careful planning, it'll only make things confusing. You're no coward if you let time do your work for you.
Physical exercise has a relaxing influence on your brain. Try to bring some variation to your life and try to have faith in the fact that you'll get back in the old groove. Don't keep it all inside, it will only be a burden to you.
Why don't you go out more, a change would do you good. Try to stay on top of things, that's important if you wish to get a grip of the changes you're in. It's possible that you're not noticing someone who will be important for you in the future.
Many things are coming your way that will improve your diplomatic position. Your achievements are valued very highly. You're setting realistic goals for yourself and that's why you'll be able to meet them.
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