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Daily horoscope Capricorn Tuesday May 23, 2017

22 December ~ 19 January
Everything seems to be okay. The more flexible you are, the more fun you'll have. You're being judged on your skills, not on your resolve at the moment.
Follow your instincts, then you'll get what you need. You've probably felt better in your life. Maybe you should remember that sports can be fun, you don't always have to be the best to enjoy it.
Your carelessness can be too hard to bear for some people. The mood swings you've been having lately may have been a bit too tiring. You should mind not to take your boy/girlfriend for granted.
People are making you an offer that may be very profitable. The best time for relaxation is between twelve in the afternoon and twelve in the evening. Be sure that your plans can develop in an organic way.
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