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Daily horoscope Capricorn Thursday April 17, 2014

22 December ~ 19 January
Don't forget that working too hard leads you nowhere if fate decides otherwise. You should give your partner some space, so your relationship can develop. You should go for a compromise.
Free your mind! If you don't demand too much of your body, you won't put it in danger. If you're involved in a relationship, pay more attention to sex: it will intensify your relationship even more. Maybe it's time for you to join a sports club? If you decide to be a bit sportier, you'll be surprised by the results.
Be sure to pay some more attention to your love life soon! The cosmic influences will have a beneficial influence on your love life. You're very experienced in keeping relationships uncomplicated. A change of scenery may give you a whole new perspective on things.
Be aware not to spend more than you're earning, otherwise hard times will get even harder. Your personal development is on a backburner. You're feeling lucky today, so act quickly and grab your chances.
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