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Daily horoscope Capricorn Sunday September 21, 2014

22 December ~ 19 January
There's no need to sulk. It is important now to plan carefully and do things step by step. Any kind of stress can be avoided by relaxation and meditation.
If you demand too much from yourself now, you'll be completely exhausted and become more susceptible to illnesses. It's important to have fun with what you do. At work you impress people with your special capabilities and your professionalism.
You'll see that after a little rest everything will get better. Because you've regained your strength, you'll be able to regain a love that seemed lost for a while. Whether you decide to act on a flirt is your own decision.
Maybe fate's got an extension of your occupations, responsibilities or your income in store for you. In the financial field you'll make great achievements. If people ask you for your advice, you should do the best you can.
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