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Daily horoscope Capricorn Wednesday November 26, 2014

22 December ~ 19 January
Things you're doing in private should be brought to an end now, to be able to avoid possible difficulties. Try not to ruin your careful planning, it'll only make things confusing. If you plan things more carefully, you'll regain your stability and reach your goals without fear.
Those days that you felt so nerve-racked are finally over. Get to work and also get those things done that you really should have done way before. Have a night-cap this evening and go to bed early.
Just sit back and enjoy this day! The appointments you've made for the coming days you'll have to take very seriously. Beware not to be fooled by someone who promises you the world. Try not to let it get to you if someone is trying to annoy you.
You shouldn't be afraid to make the wrong decisions in this period of your life. Maybe it seems to people you're behaving in a cold and reserved way and is your temporary carelessness shying people away. It's the right time to sell an idea of yours, to find a new job or to sign a contract.
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