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Daily horoscope Capricorn Friday July 3, 2015

22 December ~ 19 January
These days your emotional life is at its peak and you're very happy and successful. You've got the opportunity now to get involved in a bigger project than you'd usually get involved in. You should think about a person now who's the secret of your success: he or she should share in your success! Don't be too easy.
If you're involved in a relationship, pay more attention to sex: it will intensify your relationship even more. You should try to avoid all forms of physical exercise, especially sports. Those days that you felt so nerve-racked are finally over.
Try to fight that horrible feeling of boredom by finding new means of spending your time. A small argument looms over a family meeting. Try not to think constantly about those sad moments you shared with a particular person.
You should try to be more business-like and you should try not to be persuaded so easily in doing things you don't like. The time is right to speak openly about things with people to clear the air. Your financial problems of this moment can only be solved by a strict planning and by being patient.
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