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Daily horoscope Capricorn Saturday March 25, 2017

22 December ~ 19 January
If at all possible, go outdoors for a change. Try not to ruin your careful planning, it'll only make things confusing. Now it's time for action! If your inner life is stable, you'll be able to reach any goal you set for yourself.
Spend every hour you can relaxing and take good care of you. You're ever busy these days. Have faith in yourself and in your optimism.
You feel that there's something in the air. In work and in love you don't know anymore if you're making the right decisions. Even while arguing, you're well able to defend your own cause.
Don't take too many risks if you're not well-informed. Maybe you should start considering whether people at work really know what's got to be done. You're tired of cleaning up behind somebody's back.
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