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Daily horoscope Gemini Thursday February 11, 2016

21 May ~ 21 June
Everything in life has a meaning, that's why it's useful to let your feelings guide you at the moment. Violence won't get you anywhere! It's important that you meet your daily engagements. Your motto should be: let's work! Maybe you should save some time to come to new insights.
Take good care of yourself: indulge yourself in a hobby or get some exercise. You should try to let go of things that were important to you until now. Devote your energies only to things that really matter to you.
Try to ignore that restless feeling that you desperately need a change. It's your decision if you would like to sustain or even deepen a relationship with someone you know from the past. Try to be open about your deepest wishes.
In finance, it's business as usual. Many things are coming your way that will improve your diplomatic position. If necessary you should defend the convictions and ideas that are important to you.
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