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Daily horoscope Gemini Friday October 9, 2015

21 May ~ 21 June
The opportunities this day has to offer look tempting, but will only be a burden to your happiness in the end. Keep going strong! Your excellent physical as well as mental condition makes that you can solve even the most difficult tasks playfully. If someone you're close with acts a bit reserved because of a misunderstanding, you should leave him or her alone.
If you hold on to emotional situations from the past you may develop an illness. Don't take anybody's advice too seriously, it's only an opinion, not a universal truth. Don't go to extremes today, just take a good rest.
You should try not to make promises too easily. You should act slowly but carefully at the moment. People will come to you today and making contact is easy.
In the afternoon you will be successful in your private life. Think before you enter into something that looks good, but in fact isn't. It's a virtue to think of the small things, but you shouldn't exaggerate things.
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