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Daily horoscope Gemini Monday July 28, 2014

21 May ~ 21 June
You should go for a compromise. Be aware not to be too arrogant, stay critical of your own behaviour. If you plan things more carefully, you'll regain your stability and reach your goals without fear.
Try to get out of the old groove! Get yourself outdoors more often, it'll do you good. Don't eat too many sweets, you'll gain too much weight. You're frightened way too easily, especially when health is concerned and this makes you feel insecure.
You'll be victorious today when it comes to winning small arguments. You're in a very good mood and you're able to enjoy almost anything that's coming your way. You're on the right track.
People are abusing your kindness again. Your sense of enterprise gives wings to all your projects. After six in the evening it may be important to go out.
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