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Daily horoscope Gemini Sunday May 28, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Do more together with your boy/girlfriend and talk about your plans. The worst times are over, you should try to get some rest now. Everyday tasks will be no problem for you now, even though there may be some minor setbacks.
You sometimes feel as if you could move any mountain, but at the smallest disappointment you're already down in the dumps. You shouldn't overestimate your physical condition today. The following days you'll do more work with less effort.
Try not to listen to older people, even though they mean well, the advice given may inhibit your personal growth. Because you're enjoying your life, it's easy to make contact with people and it will broaden your horizon. Now is the time to spend some quality time with your boy/girlfriend.
It could be that from now on, your financial situation will get better. You've got some very good powers of concentration and your decisions are well-balanced. Maybe you should start considering whether people at work really know what's got to be done.
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