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Daily horoscope Gemini Wednesday July 1, 2015

21 May ~ 21 June
Don't have too much faith in the people around you today. You should go for a compromise. Go and do something with someone who's important to you.
Aches and pains can be avoided by indulging yourself in a hobby or sports, especially with people who are of the same opinion. You don't think it necessary to argue with others because in this mood you're in, you can take on the world. Generally, you know what's good for you and other people agree.
Today is the day to take the initiative in relationships. Why don't you try to surprise your boy/girlfriend again? Maybe you should surprise your boy/girlfriend with a ticket for a concert or an exhibition. From now on you should try to live your own life and enjoy it.
Since everything you do now will have consequences for your future, you should learn to come up with your own solutions. Stay true to your principles if someone's trying to twist you round his or her finger. Keep your promises and be clear about your intentions when you're making plans.
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