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Daily horoscope Gemini Friday December 19, 2014

21 May ~ 21 June
Don't get distracted, have faith in yourself and don't listen to other people's opinions. If you want to be fit for work you have to distribute your powers carefully by balancing concentration and relaxation. You should concentrate on the present, focussing on the future is not good for you at the moment.
Don't take anybody's advice too seriously, it's only an opinion, not a universal truth. Because you're so energetic, your body will benefit from it, but also your mind. You're going in the right direction.
You've got every reason to be glad. The stars predict that you'll be going on a journey. Show your true colours.
If you just sit back and relax you won't be successful. You'll meet pleasant and influential people whom you can trust during an informal meeting today. You are unstoppable: whether other people like it or not.
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