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Daily horoscope Gemini Sunday April 20, 2014

21 May ~ 21 June
Violence won't get you anywhere! It's important that you meet your daily engagements. Be spontaneous, but don't get carried away. Someone could be reaping what you sowed.
You're not feeling too well at the moment, and you need a lot of energy and discipline to get your everyday things done. Leave the past behind and try to concentrate more on your hobbies and the good things in life. Try to stop small aches and pains from becoming chronic diseases.
Maybe today you'll be able to solve some arguments you've been having with your boy/girlfriend lately. Try to regain your down-to-earth look on life, it helped you get the better of difficult situations before. You feel it's easier now to come out into the open and you are able to let people in more easily.
You should stand up for yourself: this will earn you the respect that you need. You're facing a change for the better in your financial situation. You'll meet pleasant and influential people whom you can trust during an informal meeting today.
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