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Daily horoscope Gemini Wednesday October 1, 2014

21 May ~ 21 June
The opportunities this day has to offer look tempting, but will only be a burden to your happiness in the end. You may have some trouble concentrating, because you're so full of energy. Don't let people push you.
Try to find out in what areas you're too reckless and where you need to be more careful. Sports strengthen your natural resistance and are beneficial to your mood. You should take better care of your health right now.
Even while arguing, you're well able to defend your own cause. Try to distance yourself a bit from the situation. You feel completely in control of the situation.
It's worth it to develop yourself, because the biggest source of success is you! Make good use of your inner powers! Don't let other people's jealousy withhold you from something you thought carefully about for a long time. At an informal meeting you may meet people that will be important to you in the future. If you're not afraid to carry the responsibility for your decisions, you could make it big time.
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