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Daily horoscope Gemini Wednesday July 26, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Some people are trying to undermine your happiness. You're not the kind of person who needs a lot of compliments to function well. Action equals reaction, but you can stop it.
Any project you might start on right now will be a success because you've got the power to bring it to a favourable ending. Aches and pains can be avoided by indulging yourself in a hobby or sports, especially with people who are of the same opinion. You'd better not try to boost your energy levels with alcohol or coffee.
You are feeling very harmonious today. You've had a lot of doubts and you've been unsatisfied with yourself for a long time. Think about your old interests: maybe you should indulge yourself in music, art or literature.
You should insist on making clear arrangements to avoid problems. Dreaming of winning the lottery won't get you anywhere. Take the initiative: a project that has been waiting to be developed for a long time, could be started on right now.
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