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Daily horoscope Gemini Wednesday September 20, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Be on your guard today! You should better put important decisions off to another date: people are trying to make things look better than they are. You should try to stay away from people who're very negative. You should think about a person now who's the secret of your success: he or she should share in your success! Don't be too easy.
Don't escape into a world of dreams, illusions or pleasure: this could have a devastating effect on your health. You really need somebody now to help you, things are getting out of hand. Anything you keep inside, will eventually come out one or the other way.
Try to inspire your boy/girlfriend with your positive outlook on life. Show a person who's close to you that you find him or her a nice person, without dating him or her immediately. Today it's time to show the people around you what you're made of.
You'll have better luck this afternoon, especially in commerce. The time is right to speak openly about things with people to clear the air. Chances are that you'll meet somebody today with whom you'll begin a close friendship.
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