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Daily horoscope Gemini Wednesday September 2, 2015

21 May ~ 21 June
Stay on the road you're on. Stop and consider everything you've reached so far before you take the next step in your decision. Be on your guard today! You should better put important decisions off to another date: people are trying to make things look better than they are.
Listen more carefully to your body. If you felt a bit down in the dumps lately, you'll be able to breathe freely again now. You're not someone who's afraid of living, normally.
When family business is concerned, an old problem will be solved. Try to let your feelings guide you, not your reason, otherwise jealousy might be around the corner and this will have negative consequences. Try to find out what your possibilities are and don't let yourself be distracted by irrational fears.
If your financial situation is keeping you down, just know that you'll always find a way to get yourself through the day. It's a virtue to think of the small things, but you shouldn't exaggerate things. Your fortune will be fickle today.
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