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Daily horoscope Gemini Saturday April 25, 2015

21 May ~ 21 June
Do everything yourself today. Things may have a turn for the better at work, maybe promotion or a raise in salary is coming your way. Success is guaranteed if your goals are useful for other people beside yourself.
You may also benefit from having a regular pattern in you life. You really need a rest, otherwise you'll crack under the pressure, and you don't want that. Sources that have been drained will be replenished, and signs of exhaustion will disappear.
You should be glad with the way things are going today. Try not to think constantly about those sad moments you shared with a particular person. Today you'll notice that a small spark will be reignited in your heart.
You've got a talent to let other people share in your successes. If people are putting too much pressure on you, you should be on your guard. Stay true to your principles if someone's trying to twist you round his or her finger.
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