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Daily horoscope Gemini Saturday May 30, 2015

21 May ~ 21 June
This is a good day to start making plans for tomorrow. Today you'll be offered the opportunity to show your executive and organisational capacities. Things may have a turn for the better at work, maybe promotion or a raise in salary is coming your way.
Don't look back on your life, asking 'what if' all the time. Worries are no good to your immune system, neither are bad eating habits. Your eating habits are not so good, they may lead to medical problems! You'd best avoid illnesses by staying calm and by living a natural and unconstrained life.
You'll really have to show some courage when you make an unexpected acquaintance. Today's the day, to discuss those things that have been putting you down lately. You are making new acquaintances, but try not to forget that person who desperately needs you.
To realise your dream of financial independence, you will have to prepare yourself. Have faith in yourself and your optimism. Today your main goal should be to finish things quickly, you'll be more satisfied.
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