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Daily horoscope Gemini Friday November 17, 2017

21 May ~ 21 June
Maybe you should go and do something you really like, like drawing or painting? If you are a bit more reserved and do some work for someone else, you will be more successful. Any kind of stress can be avoided by relaxation and meditation. This is a good day to start making plans for tomorrow.
Try not to think too much about the meaning of life. Don't keep it all inside, it will only be a burden to you. It's sensible to relax a bit, because worrying won't get you anywhere.
From now on you should try to live your own life and enjoy it. Friends might warn you out of their best intentions, but they don't apply to your present situation. You're quick to criticise others, but it's written in the stars that this way your boy/girlfriend might become estranged from you.
Even though you're not very enthusiastic about your daily activities, they're no problem to you. It's the right time to sell an idea of yours, to find a new job or to sign a contract. Provided that you're well prepared, you'll be able to realise your plans today.
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