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Daily horoscope Leo Thursday August 24, 2017

23 July ~ 22 August
Concentrate on what you're doing. Challenges are coming your way, and that's just what you need! Engage yourself in the challenge you're facing and try to turn it into a success. Don't let yourself be put under pressure, despite the fact there's a lot to do.
You've probably felt better in your life. Take good care of yourself: indulge yourself in a hobby or get some exercise. A pain in the neck, or in the shoulders, is often the result of built up tension.
While relaxing, you'll have certain insights that will remain important to you for a long time after. Maybe it's time for you to join a sports club? Someone close to you, who has disappointed you recently, is trying to make up again. The problem you're trying to deal with at the moment will solve itself.
If you go straight for your goal, you'll get the best out of everything. If you're trying to buy yourself into a company you can count on a generous grant. Relaxation will pay off, metaphorically as well as literally.
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