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Daily horoscope Leo Sunday April 23, 2017

23 July ~ 22 August
You have to be very determined to be able to grab the chances that you're offered. It's very important to be precise in your work, especially if others depend on it. You need to make an effort to make the positive cosmic influences work for you.
You should be quick and effective in the actions you undertake today. Because your natural resistance against illnesses is low, you're more susceptible to infections. A pain in the neck, or in the shoulders, is often the result of built up tension.
Try to get yourself outside today. Because you're enjoying your life, it's easy to make contact with people and it will broaden your horizon. Try to distance yourself a bit from the situation.
You're feeling a bit lonely at the moment and that you're incapable of crossing the bridge between yourself and others. You'll find peace of mind if you'll do what you'd like to do and even by showing your teeth more often. Just take your time to plan your appointments well in ahead.
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