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Daily horoscope Libra Friday July 3, 2015

23 September ~ 22 October
Don't be too demanding for yourself or your environment. You should try to stay away from people who're very negative. Because you are positive and because you're inspired by your environment, you'll enjoy the happiness of cooperation.
If you find it difficult to do sports on your own, make appointments with friends to motivate yourself. Don't let anybody get in your way! You should learn also to appreciate the small things in life. Don't overburden your body in any case.
You're feeling very much at ease and the love you're showing others will be answered. You really feel you'd like to express your emotions, especially together with your boy/girlfriend. Don't give in to the feeling that you want to hide in your shell.
Take care that you won't be left holding the baby. People appreciate what you're doing and that makes you feel good. You are very sharp-witted and you're very well able now to evaluate your goals.
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