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Daily horoscope Libra Sunday June 25, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
If someone you're close with acts a bit reserved because of a misunderstanding, you should leave him or her alone. Take your time, the signals from your environment will become clearer if you're patient. Concentrate on what you're doing.
You're inclined to demand too much of yourself and this way you're exhausting your body. Don't go to extremes today, just take a good rest. Why don't you read a good book to relax or try to think about absolutely nothing.
Try not to satisfy yourself at all costs, you might be chasing an illusion. Your carelessness can be too hard to bear for some people. You'll be victorious today when it comes to winning small arguments.
It's not the right time for speculation in financial matters. Try not to get yourself in any difficult situation with your superiors today. You won't get something for nothing today.
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