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Daily horoscope Libra Tuesday May 23, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
If you waste your energies on things that aren't worth it, you won't be given this great opportunity you yearn for. Don't say yes to a tempting offer too quickly. Success is guaranteed if your goals are useful for other people beside yourself.
You should try to avoid all forms of physical exercise, especially sports. Make sure your body gets the rest it needs. Your inner stability will benefit from a good planning of your everyday activities.
If you're feeling positive, it may happen that old feelings will surface. It's possible that someone needs attention, but it's you who should take the first step. Some things that look good on the outside, aren't so on the inside.
If a deal is really good, it won't get any worse if you take your time. Don't delay your decision to do anything possible to speed things up. You won't get anything in return if you're spending too much money.
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