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Daily horoscope Libra Saturday December 16, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
You should forgive a person that has harmed you once, because he or she regrets it. The time of excitement, fear and restraint is over. Because you are positive and because you're inspired by your environment, you'll enjoy the happiness of cooperation.
Take care not to overburden yourself or demand too much of your body. Your body is yearning for a buck up. Don't worry too much, you're too busy anyway.
You don't have to let people get on your nerves anymore. The cosmic influences will make sure that your emotional life is harmonious. You shouldn't expect too much at the moment when love's concerned.
You wouldn't like to make any mistakes, if what you're trying to accomplish needs to be judged by your peers. You are always lucky. If you're trying to buy yourself into a company you can count on a generous grant.
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