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Daily horoscope Libra Tuesday October 17, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
If you go step by step you'll be successful and know how to influence others. Only invest time and money in things that are worth it. Don't analyse the pros and cons all the time, just follow your pathway to glory.
If it's all too much for you, don't start drinking more pints than you usually do. You like to work hard, but the bow can't always be stretched. The fact that you're making rash decisions may cause all sorts of accidents, wherever you are.
Things will take a positive turn this afternoon. It's in your hands whether you accept the invitation you'll soon receive or not. A letter or a phone call will cause a little turmoil today.
Even in the smallest detail you'll put a great deal of thought. Be sure not to pay too much for certain things, you'll have to fight to get your money back. If you just sit back and relax you won't be successful.
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