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Daily horoscope Libra Tuesday October 21, 2014

23 September ~ 22 October
It's too early to make any decisions. Meditate on the phrase 'THE ART OF LIVING' and try to find out what it means to you, then you can effectively develop yourself. Listen to the voice inside your head, it will tell you what to do in this situation.
Any project you might start on right now will be a success because you've got the power to bring it to a favourable ending. You should be quick and effective in the actions you undertake today. Generally, you know what's good for you and other people agree.
Just be happy with the small things in life, they can give you great pleasure. You'll be able to take an objective view of the things that have kept you thinking lately. Don't pretend to be someone you really are not.
You can be very forceful in putting your ideas across. Take the initiative: a project that has been waiting to be developed for a long time, could be started on right now. You've been spending like crazy lately.
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