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Daily horoscope Libra Friday July 31, 2015

23 September ~ 22 October
The worst times are over, you should try to get some rest now. The opportunities this day has to offer look tempting, but will only be a burden to your happiness in the end. Today you'll be offered the opportunity to show your executive and organisational capacities.
Maybe you're feeling a bit nervous or scared about something. Don't trust on miracle cures for regaining your energy quickly. Physically you're a bit weak, so you need some proper relaxation.
If at all possible, try to withdraw yourself a bit and try to get yourself in focus again. All those worries you had about your boy/girlfriend turn out to be unfounded. When you pay more attention to other people's feelings, it'll be easier for you to enjoy their company.
When it comes to gambling there will be lots of opportunities for you today to make it big time. It's likely that you'll shortly be having more money than you may need. Your mood isn't as stable as it used to be and your intellectual powers are below average today.
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