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Daily horoscope Libra Monday August 21, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
Now is the time to make decisions and to put things in action. Everything is easy, but this moment is very short-lived. Other people notice that you're taking more responsibility for things than usual.
If you're feeling any aches or pains, then maybe you should pay a visit to your GP. Try to stay focussed on everything that you have been doing recently without being spasmodically. You are the one who knows best what's good for you, you'll notice that soon.
There's no reason to feel fate is letting you down. You should be more optimistic then you are. Beautiful things could happen if you give a special person a bit more attention.
Don't put all your energy into other people, you might be disappointed. In the financial field you'll make great achievements. When it comes to gambling there will be lots of opportunities for you today to make it big time.
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