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Daily horoscope Libra Wednesday July 30, 2014

23 September ~ 22 October
You will not be bothered again by those doubts you were having. If you want to reach your goals, you should do it the traditional way. You've probably learnt that living is easier when your inner life is more stable.
Try to stay focussed on everything that you have been doing recently without being spasmodically. If you do sports, be careful and don't underestimate how demanding it is for your body. You should try to avoid all forms of physical exercise, especially sports.
You're feeling so energetic that you'll easily avoid doubtful influences and take the right direction in life. There's no reason to be mistrusting today. It's written in the stars that your love life will flourish.
The circumstances are good for buying a ticket in a lottery. You should think about what your goals are worth to you. Maybe you should be a bit more careful, because you can be a dreamer, don't overestimate your success.
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