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Daily horoscope Libra Friday January 30, 2015

23 September ~ 22 October
The road you've chosen to take costs you a lot of effort to make things go right. You shouldn't labour yourself through everything, you wouldn't reach your goal. You should think about the task at hand and get started immediately.
Even the best idea or the deepest insight is useless if you don't put it to practice. You like to work hard, but the bow can't always be stretched. Your determination may cause conflicts with the people around you to come to a head.
It's written in the stars that you'll be fortunate today. There's no reason to be mistrusting today. You're feeling very fit and happy.
You're setting realistic goals for yourself and that's why you'll be able to meet them. Since a partner is inclined to invest in you, it's time for trust in this relationship. You need to guard yourself against demands from your environment, you'll find the strength for this in the comfort of your home.
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