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Daily horoscope Libra Tuesday September 2, 2014

23 September ~ 22 October
Let time do your work for you. You should keep in mind that every step away from evil is a step closer to good. If your determination is balanced with your ability to admit your faults, you won't have to have regrets.
Try to keep into account that your nerves aren't the strongest. You're feeling a bit stressed out about something. If you'd like to reach for the skies in sports, maybe you should go and climb a mountain or learn how to fly a plane.
Today is a perfect day for enterprise and spontaneous appointments. You should really invest some time in your love life. You feel over the moon and you're very optimistic about the future.
Speak your mind today. You feel like you can't concentrate very well lately. Maybe fate's got an extension of your occupations, responsibilities or your income in store for you.
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