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Daily horoscope Libra Monday March 2, 2015

23 September ~ 22 October
Think about it: usually people look for your weak points before they take you on. Try to be among people you really like. Today you'll be offered the opportunity to show your executive and organisational capacities.
If you look deep inside yourself, you can find the power to heal. Try to be optimistic and look on the bright side of things. Maybe it's wise to have yourself thoroughly examined by your GP.
Be sure that you know what you're getting yourself into before you enter a long-term relationship. There's no reason to be mistrusting today. If you try not to be too demanding, it'll be easier for other people to help you.
The late afternoon is the best time for business. Because of your self-confidence you stand strong in discussions. Carefully think before you act and act only according to your own plans.
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