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Daily horoscope Libra Saturday August 29, 2015

23 September ~ 22 October
If you'd like to be successful you'll have to analyse yourself continually. Try to put your own ideas into practice, even if your environment is trying to change your plans. Use your power carefully.
You should be a bit careful now. Don't give up too easily. If you haven't been feeling too well these days, it could be that the stress of everyday life has upset your stomach.
Many people are seeking your company today and some are even trying to pull you. You shouldn't worry too much about material possessions in your relationship right now. You inspire everyone with your good humour and this is very motivating for the people around you.
The offer someone is making you, comes from someone you distrust, so be sceptical. You should do your best to make realistic assessments, don't make any mistakes. If you keep close to your schedule, you'll be even more successful in your enterprise.
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