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Daily horoscope Libra Wednesday January 25, 2017

23 September ~ 22 October
Don't confide in others today, they might abuse the information you're giving them. If someone you're close with acts a bit reserved because of a misunderstanding, you should leave him or her alone. Everything you do that has to do with a little give and take, your humour and openness will go smoothly.
If you feel unable to meet your goals, you shouldn't give up, but try again. Try to free yourself from energy consuming annoyances and let off steam, rather than feel responsible for everything. If you find it difficult to do sports on your own, make appointments with friends to motivate yourself.
Think hard before you make a decision: you may come to regret it later. You'll feel better after you've discovered that most things will solve themselves. The times that you felt so bad about yourself are over now.
In finance, it's business as usual. People are interested in your plans and would like to do business with you on the long term. You speak your mind, not because you like to argue, just because you feel the need to be honest.
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