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Daily horoscope Libra Wednesday August 20, 2014

23 September ~ 22 October
When things are going well, you shouldn't sit back and relax, then your old problems will rear their ugly head again. You may benefit from your stability more, by thinking about the meaning of life. Don't let yourself be put under pressure, despite the fact there's a lot to do.
Follow your instincts, then you'll get what you need. You're inclined to make rash decisions in the morning, and your determination can become a threat to you. You've got a very strong natural resistance against illnesses at the moment.
Grab your chances, the stars predict you'll be lucky. People would like to help you, any way they can. Today is a perfect day for enterprise and spontaneous appointments.
Try to concentrate yourself on your work and ask for the help of others if necessary. Your financial situation will benefit when you get yourself better educated. Stand on your guard.
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