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Daily horoscope Pisces Thursday May 25, 2017

20 February ~ 20 March
Today is a day for domestic harmony. Now is the time to go for the biggest fish in your pond. Don't let people who don't mean well bother you too much.
Mind your health! The fact that you're so contented with your life at the moment, makes that you feel more energetic than usual. You come across very energetically and you'll impress people the more because of it. Now is the time for things that involve physical strength and determination, like sports.
Try to speak to somebody else about your experiences. A letter or a phone call will cause a little turmoil today. Today you'll finally have the time to catch your breath.
In the afternoon you will be successful in your private life. Be careful whom you trust, otherwise you'll be left holding the baby. Be sure not to pay too much for certain things, you'll have to fight to get your money back.
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