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Daily horoscope Pisces Thursday August 24, 2017

20 February ~ 20 March
Try to put your own ideas into practice, even if your environment is trying to change your plans. It could be that a certain agreement never leaves ground and a long-lasting conflict is looming over you. Time doesn't go by any faster if one worries too much.
If you use your energies wisely, you'll be able to do as much work as you usually do. You may also benefit from having a regular pattern in you life. This is not a time to worry about your physical fitness.
Your emotional life may flourish, so you'll be able to make the right choices and make your private life more harmonious. You shouldn't worry too much about material possessions in your relationship right now. The problem you're trying to deal with at the moment will solve itself.
Everything cuts both ways. Take care that you won't be left holding the baby. Many things are coming your way that will improve your diplomatic position.
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