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Daily horoscope Pisces Sunday April 23, 2017

20 February ~ 20 March
The people around you will show you today that they appreciate what you're doing. When things are going well, you shouldn't sit back and relax, then your old problems will rear their ugly head again. Don't say yes to a tempting offer too quickly.
If you hold on to emotional situations from the past you may develop an illness. You should draw up a personal diet. A pain in the neck, or in the shoulders, is often the result of built up tension.
Try to show a bit more feeling when dealing with others. You're worrying too much, it's leading you nowhere. You've learnt a lot during those difficult times you've had to face lately.
Try to keep your head cool, many things have to be solved. Whether you are trying your luck at games or at speculation, you'll be lucky. Your perseverance is based on skill and knowledge and you'll win people over with your sense of responsibility.
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