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Daily horoscope Sagittarius Thursday May 25, 2017

22 November ~ 21 December
Stay on the road you're on. Think about it: water accumulates behind an obstacle, it becomes more forceful, rises and finally flows over the obstacle. Try to visit your friends and acquaintances more often.
Things that have to be done today you'll do in an energetic way. You'll easily recover from aches and pains if you take enough rest and sleep a lot. Why don't you introduce a 'fruit and veggies' day in your weekly diet? Eating nothing but fruit for a day will do you good.
The cosmic influences will take care of a feeling of harmony the coming hours. Flirting may have serious consequences. The problems you've been having with relationships are often the result of a fear to commit yourself to someone.
Provided that you're well prepared, you'll be able to realise your plans today. At an informal meeting you may meet people that will be important to you in the future. The circumstances are good for buying a ticket in a lottery.
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