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Daily horoscope Sagittarius Saturday December 16, 2017

22 November ~ 21 December
If you consider your plans well, you'll be successful and become stronger personally. You should give your partner some space, so your relationship can develop. These days, you'll have the opportunity to start your life anew by making friends, signing contracts, or travelling.
Try to be optimistic and look on the bright side of things. You aren't having any problems with everyday activities, but your listlessness is growing nonetheless. The following days you'll do more work with less effort.
It's a good time to solve some tensions, it'll leave you with a positive feeling. If you're going on a journey, a lot of happiness will come your way. Because you're enjoying your life, it's easy to make contact with people and it will broaden your horizon.
This afternoon you'll meet someone privately who'll make a great impression on you. It's better not to sign a contract if you haven't read it properly. You'll get a lot of new impressions and you'll make good friends with certain people.
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