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Daily horoscope Scorpion Sunday April 23, 2017

23 October ~ 21 November
If you consider your plans well, you'll be successful and become stronger personally. Relaxing exercises and meditation will give you peace of mind. Treat the current situation as a car that needs a test-drive before it can be pushed to the limit.
Too many worries could put your health and happiness in jeopardy. Concerning your health you're usually too careful, rather than too reckless. Sources that have been drained will be replenished, and signs of exhaustion will disappear.
Nobody expects you to be perfect. Swallow your pride, and try to be a bit more understanding for your boy/girlfriend, he or she is under a lot of pressure. When family business is concerned, an old problem will be solved.
Take a certainty for an uncertainty. Carefully think before you act and act only according to your own plans. If your financial situation is keeping you down, just know that you'll always find a way to get yourself through the day.
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