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Daily horoscope Taurus Sunday January 25, 2015

20 April ~ 20 May
Use the powers that you have in you. Go and do something with someone who's important to you. Do more together with your boy/girlfriend and talk about your plans.
Because your natural resistance against illnesses is low, you're more susceptible to infections. If you are too tired to sleep again, you should go for a refreshing walk at night. The natural resistance of your body is deteriorating and aches and pains lay around the corner.
You may have a crush on someone, but don't mistake your feelings for true love. Just sit back and let things go, don't try to change or speed up things. Don't rely too much on what other people tell you, just listen to your heart.
At the moment, you're active in many fields, you'd like to show your opinion and go your own way. People admire your precision in carrying out tasks that you're ordered to do. If you're not afraid to carry the responsibility for your decisions, you could make it big time.
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