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Daily horoscope Taurus Saturday October 25, 2014

20 April ~ 20 May
You'll have to find out who's important to you and who isn't and take action accordingly. It is important now to plan carefully and do things step by step. Be careful with your energy reserves: you will need them the following weeks.
You're in good health now, but it could be better still. Don't escape into a world of dreams, illusions or pleasure: this could have a devastating effect on your health. Maybe it's fun to be competitive with your boy/girlfriend in swimming, jogging, cycling or running.
The cosmic signs point towards a harmonious reconciliation in love. A letter or a phone call will cause a little turmoil today. Get as much out of this day as possible and enjoy it.
Your financial situation is not something to worry about. Your brain-work goes very well and you're showing a lot of perseverance. You've got some very good powers of concentration and your decisions are well-balanced.
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