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Daily horoscope Taurus Wednesday January 25, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
You should take care that you don't become too dominant in relationships, especially with your boy/girlfriend. You're not the kind of person who needs a lot of compliments to function well. Everything in life has a meaning, that's why it's useful to let your feelings guide you at the moment.
Jealousy is getting on your nerves. Stay away from stress situations. You really should stay far away from soft drinks and alcohol today.
You've had your ups and downs, but you should try to stop looking back all the time. You're up for some pleasant surprises. You'll have no hard time solving your problems, your spirit of enterprise will take care of that! It's written in the stars that you'll be very attractive to someone you love today.
Between eight in the morning and eight in the evening you'll have a lot of luck in friendships. Be patient and plan everything in advance, otherwise your financial situation won't recover! Be very careful in financial matters, don't subscribe to anything. Use all of your time to realise plans you have been putting off for a long time.
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