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Daily horoscope Taurus Tuesday May 23, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
You're regaining your inner stability. Try to keep your mind on meeting your daily engagements. If you consider your plans well, you'll be successful and become stronger personally.
Your physical powers are as strong as can be. You need something to keep you going or make you stronger, just like anyone else. You can do anything you like without jeopardising yourself, except in the early hours of the morning.
Take care that even in a very good relationship you should give each other some space for personal development. There are absolutely no signs which indicate any reason for worrying. Why don't you show a smile or two and give some of your time to someone who's interested in you? A certain conversation will inspire you and it can really change the way you see your future.
Today your main goal should be to finish things quickly, you'll be more satisfied. Don't gamble, don't place any bets and keep an eye on your money. It's important not to have too many irons in the fire, otherwise you'll get nothing done.
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