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Daily horoscope Taurus Saturday April 18, 2015

20 April ~ 20 May
Treat the current situation as a car that needs a test-drive before it can be pushed to the limit. You should value yourself a bit more. Time doesn't go by any faster if one worries too much.
You're enduring and strong, you're dynamic and very potent. Because you're interested in so many things, you're easily tempted to burden yourself too much. You may not be ill, but you are tired and listless anyway.
You feel over the moon and you're very optimistic about the future. Try to enjoy what love will bring you, but try not to depend on it too much. Grab your chances, the stars predict you'll be lucky.
You'll have to concentrate on your personal situation, maybe together with someone you know well. Even though you're not very enthusiastic about your daily activities, they're no problem to you. It could be you'll be making a journey some time from now.
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