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Daily horoscope Taurus Tuesday February 21, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
You are inclined to take more responsibility now than you're used to. If you wait long enough, you'll become stronger and more patient without much effort. Don't take too many risks today.
You've really exhausted your energy reserves. Try to find out in what areas you're too reckless and where you need to be more careful. It's in the stars that you'll find a perfect balance between your abilities and the circumstances.
You aren't the kind of person who easily commits him or herself. Don't talk to anyone about the invitation you got. Just sit back and enjoy this day! The appointments you've made for the coming days you'll have to take very seriously.
People admire your precision in carrying out tasks that you're ordered to do. An emotional decision may cost you a lot of money today. Don't get involved in anything that looks dodgy.
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