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Daily horoscope Taurus Sunday November 23, 2014

20 April ~ 20 May
If you'd like to be successful you'll have to analyse yourself continually. Stay on the road you're on. Don't be tempted into anything by your restlessness, think about your health.
Why don't you throw a party, one of these days? Be sure not to have too many irons in the fire. Now you've got the chance to show the world what you're made off. Don't think you have to do everything on your own.
Your sense of humour in difficult times makes that many people show sympathy towards you. Think before you act! It's likely that things will just blow over, so don't worry too much. Your family has been waiting for you to drop by for a very long time.
You're not hindered by anything if you're starting a new enterprise right now. Try to make a compromise with yourself. Don't lose account of the fundamentals in your plans.
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