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Daily horoscope Taurus Monday August 21, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
If you wait long enough, you'll become stronger and more patient without much effort. It's logical that you're feeling a bit impatient, but it won't get you very far. Be open-minded about anything that might be happening in your life.
Your inner stability will benefit from a good planning of your everyday activities. Maybe you're feeling a bit nervous or scared about something. Your body will benefit from your renewed energy.
If your life is very hectic, you'll feel the urge to relax more and you shouldn't ignore this feeling! Try to find some time for relaxation, don't leave it to chance. Nothing or nobody can bring you down today. One of the following days you'll meet somebody who'll become very important to you.
Don't get carried away by your excitement, you'll overlook things and lose a lot of money. If your initial enthusiasm has waned, you'll have to carry on on your own. Be patient and plan everything in advance, otherwise your financial situation won't recover! Be very careful in financial matters, don't subscribe to anything.
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