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Daily horoscope Taurus Tuesday July 7, 2015

20 April ~ 20 May
You're not the kind of person who needs a lot of compliments to function well. You are inclined to take more responsibility now than you're used to. These days, you'll have the opportunity to start your life anew by making friends, signing contracts, or travelling.
If you demand too much from yourself now, you'll be completely exhausted and become more susceptible to illnesses. You've got the feeling like you're in a rush all the time and you're also a bit nervous. Enjoy your positive mood, you're inspiring others by it.
Because you've regained your strength, you'll be able to regain a love that seemed lost for a while. You feel completely in control of the situation. The people around you appreciate it very much that you're coming out of your shell.
Financially, you're moving upwards. Use all your opportunities to win this afternoon. The realisation that a new way of living is possible gives you new energy.
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