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Daily horoscope Taurus Saturday March 25, 2017

20 April ~ 20 May
It's wise to be reserved in your actions, even though you're very influential. The people around you will show you today that they appreciate what you're doing. Use your power carefully.
Blended herbal teas can really get you going! Be aware to stay clear of inner unrest. Don't keep it all inside, it will only be a burden to you. Look out on the streets and with machines and do read safety instructions today.
Someone you really care about is waiting for you to be tender and would like you to come closer. The problems you've been having with relationships are often the result of a fear to commit yourself to someone. Take the road to happiness! A person you're close with, will benefit from your natural inclination to help others.
People are interested in your plans and would like to do business with you on the long term. This is a good day for negotiations and making transactions. Today is the day for inner peace and satisfaction, not for the insecurity that might bother you otherwise.
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