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Daily horoscope Taurus Monday August 31, 2015

20 April ~ 20 May
Think about it: usually people look for your weak points before they take you on. Treat the current situation as a car that needs a test-drive before it can be pushed to the limit. Do everything yourself today.
Why don't you go to the gym regularly and do a systematic work-out, your body, mind and soul will benefit from it. You may have the feeling that sometimes all you have done has been in vain, and this wears you out. You lack your normal stability and your zest for life.
Be yourself: you want people to love YOU, not an illusion. This day will proceed fully according to your liking. An interesting conversation might spark some fresh ideas.
Take care what you're doing, your zest for work may hinder you to concentrate on more important things. Be patient. Since everything you do now will have consequences for your future, you should learn to come up with your own solutions.
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