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Daily horoscope Taurus Wednesday April 16, 2014

20 April ~ 20 May
Being moderate is the key to success these days. You should just let things be more often, otherwise you might lose contact with certain people. As long as you don't give up too easily, there's nothing to lose.
Be moderate with food and drinks so your body will stay in shape. Try not to think too much about the meaning of life. The fact that you're making rash decisions may cause all sorts of accidents, wherever you are.
Try to break free from the boring rut of everyday life today. Show a person who's close to you that you find him or her a nice person, without dating him or her immediately. Try to stay positive! Don't let the highlights of today slip through your fingers, especially when love's concerned.
Dare to take greater risk, it will only be to your advantage. You're moving up now, and you'd like to expand your business. You feel very self-confident and you're satisfied with yourself and your life.
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