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Daily horoscope Taurus Tuesday July 29, 2014

20 April ~ 20 May
Everything seems to be okay. You might be feeling a little restless, which may lead to imprudence. You should try to take stock of your life, it's about time you did.
Keep your good intentions to yourself, they need time to develop and work on deeper levels. Maybe you should remember that sports can be fun, you don't always have to be the best to enjoy it. You feel able to do a lot of work and solve a lot of problems.
Whether you decide to act on a flirt is your own decision. Try to look at the situation from a distance. Try to ignore that restless feeling that you desperately need a change.
Your self-esteem is inspiring to people who don't feel so well. At the moment, you're active in many fields, you'd like to show your opinion and go your own way. If you're more critical of yourself, people will be more inclined to accept you as a leader.
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