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Daily horoscope Virgo Wednesday December 7, 2016

23 August ~ 22 September
Stop and consider everything you've reached so far before you take the next step in your decision. You've got a clear view of your goals. Be aware not to be too arrogant, stay critical of your own behaviour.
You may also benefit from having a regular pattern in you life. You'll receive a lot of compliments about the way you look today. There are great opportunities to improve your condition in the morning.
There's somebody who really means well and you should pay a bit more attention to him or her. You should act slowly but carefully at the moment. If your life is very hectic, you'll feel the urge to relax more and you shouldn't ignore this feeling! Try to find some time for relaxation, don't leave it to chance.
The offer someone is making you, comes from someone you distrust, so be sceptical. Don't let yourself be confused and consider how much you depend on your environment. You'll get the chance to start something for yourself and start a business.
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