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Daily horoscope Virgo Monday April 24, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
The time of excitement, fear and restraint is over. Now is the time to make decisions and to put things in action. You know that your worries lead you nowhere.
You lack your normal stability and your zest for life. You're inclined to demand too much of yourself and this way you're exhausting your body. Listen to other people's advice for a change.
Some positive changes will present themselves to you: secret wishes will be fulfilled! Your life will turn upside down somehow. Small disappointments won't bother you too much today. You should try to solve all differences of opinion you have with someone close to you.
It's better not to sign a contract if you haven't read it properly. Your situation has got better: you'll have the opportunity to develop yourself. Try to save your energies by avoiding stress and taking refreshing walks.
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