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Daily horoscope Virgo Sunday June 25, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
You should keep in mind that every step away from evil is a step closer to good. Don't let yourself be knocked off your feet by sudden changes and don't be too ambitious. When things are going well, you shouldn't sit back and relax, then your old problems will rear their ugly head again.
If you're becoming lazy your physical fitness may suffer from it. Make sure people won't stop complimenting on you. Don't worry too much, you're too busy anyway.
On this quiet day you'll clearly see what your boy/girlfriend really means to you. Try to stop and think for a moment about what you really want from life. Happiness is around the corner.
Try to postpone financial decisions until the afternoon. You speak your mind, not because you like to argue, just because you feel the need to be honest. Try to save your energies by avoiding stress and taking refreshing walks.
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