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Daily horoscope Virgo Tuesday April 28, 2015

23 August ~ 22 September
Chances are that your efforts will be rewarded. It could be that a certain agreement never leaves ground and a long-lasting conflict is looming over you. Be aware not to be too arrogant, stay critical of your own behaviour.
At work you impress people with your special capabilities and your professionalism. Take care not to go for the top, but rather be happy with what's possible at the moment. Because you're interested in so many things, you're easily tempted to burden yourself too much.
It's your own fault that you've missed a few chances lately, and you know it. Try to make yourself and your friends happy, maybe with a short trip or just with a day of shopping. Don't pay too much notice to the opinion of a grumpy old know-it-all.
Take the initiative: a project that has been waiting to be developed for a long time, could be started on right now. Maybe you'll be offered a better job: if so, you should accept it immediately. The circumstances are good for buying a ticket in a lottery.
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