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Daily horoscope Virgo Wednesday April 1, 2015

23 August ~ 22 September
Try to visit your friends and acquaintances more often. Meditate on the phrase 'THE ART OF LIVING' and try to find out what it means to you, then you can effectively develop yourself. If someone you're close with acts a bit reserved because of a misunderstanding, you should leave him or her alone.
Don't overburden your body in any case. Have a night-cap this evening and go to bed early. Your body could do with a cure of vitamin concentrates.
Today you'll meet someone unexpectedly and you should try to show your self-confidence. People put faith in you and therefore it's possible to solve problems instead of ending up in endless discussions. Try not to put things off until tomorrow.
You'll be offered good chances for developing yourself and bettering your financial situation. You speak your mind, not because you like to argue, just because you feel the need to be honest. It's better not to sign a contract if you haven't read it properly.
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