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Daily horoscope Virgo Wednesday May 27, 2015

23 August ~ 22 September
Grab your chance today to work on your inner stability. Try to find out if your environment accepts your intentions before you take action. You've just had a very successful period, so now it's time to prepare for some setbacks and think ahead, step by step.
You haven't been feeling all too energetic lately. If you're becoming lazy your physical fitness may suffer from it. You can do anything you like without jeopardising yourself, except in the early hours of the morning.
You are making new acquaintances, but try not to forget that person who desperately needs you. If someone offers you a present at the end of the day, you're not expected to give something in return immediately. Because you're enjoying your life, it's easy to make contact with people and it will broaden your horizon.
Even though an offer someone's making you in business looks good, you should know that it cuts both ways. You shouldn't always want to have power over other people's lives. Accept the help you're being offered, you deserve it.
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