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Daily horoscope Virgo Tuesday February 21, 2017

23 August ~ 22 September
If you waste your energies on things that aren't worth it, you won't be given this great opportunity you yearn for. Maybe you should do something for someone else more often. If you're annoyed and you've got the feeling you have to talk to somebody, do so, don't feel down in the dumps.
You're brimming with energy and you should use it for your personal development. Health is not something you should be concerned about today. Maybe you should analyse your own behaviour and try to relax more often.
Many people are seeking your company today and some are even trying to pull you. You're longing for a harmonious relationship more than ever. You feel that the cosmic influences are on your side.
Chances are that you'll meet somebody today with whom you'll begin a close friendship. Take care what you're doing, your zest for work may hinder you to concentrate on more important things. Try not to get yourself in any difficult situation with your superiors today.
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