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Vote for your favourite Quebles emoticon pack for Hotmail

Thanks to a cooperation agreement between Quebles and Microsoft, some Quebles emoticon packages can also be used in Hotmail. Because there is not enough room to place all Quebles packages, we have made a selection. Would you like to see other emoticons in Hotmail? Then vote for them and see to it that your choice becomes available in Hotmail. Your views are important!

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Purple Girl EmoticonsPurple Girl EmoticonsPurple Girl EmoticonsPurple Girl EmoticonsPurple Girl Emoticons
Genre: Woman
Number: 5
Messenger - Emoticons - 1508308Messenger - Emoticons - 1508309Messenger - Emoticons - 1508310Messenger - Emoticons - 1508311Messenger - Emoticons - 1508312
Genre: Love
Number: 7
Messenger - Emoticons - 1503706Messenger - Emoticons - 1503707Messenger - Emoticons - 1503708Messenger - Emoticons - 1503709Messenger - Emoticons - 1503710
Genre: Animals
Number: 6
Messenger - Emoticons - 1508478Messenger - Emoticons - 1508479Messenger - Emoticons - 1508480Messenger - Emoticons - 1508481Messenger - Emoticons - 1508482
Genre: Woman
Number: 8
Cocktail EmoticonsSun is shining EmoticonsMan its hot! EmoticonsAirbed EmoticonsSwimming Emoticons
Genre: Summer
Number: 9